“You did us pro…

“You did us proud pushing us to hold the funders to task”

Christchurch based Nationwide company

Often when you set strategy and start to execute it and make things happen it is very easy to lose perspective. It generally requires some change and with change comes uncertainty and a feeling that there is a loss of control as the company ventures outside the normal comfort zone of Business as usual.

Recently a client planned to change their whole business model and the way in which they make their money. It required taking a government funder to task and challenging the status quo. Get it right and things go to a new level, get it wrong and suddenly the company is relying on commercial funding. Either option has some risk but also presents new opportunity.

I didn’t do much except encourage them to be brave enough to back themselves and to execute what they planned to do. As an external trusted advisor, I was able to see they were on track, but just in the chaos of the change. Having less emotional engagement allows a different perspective. The Directors of the company pushed on with their well thought out strategy, kept going when things got tough and some really exciting things are now happening.

The learning: What got you here won’t get you there and with change comes opportunity.

Its a great feeling be making a difference which is the whole reason I love this role.

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