The Art Of Making Excuses

The Art Of Making Excuses

The important things in life tend to be easy to do but also easy not to do. Excuse making is something I come across on a daily basis. Often after deciding that something is really important to do for the business is made a priority it is then not actioned. Often there is a blockage, a story, a reason but the fact remains it does not get done. The most effective leaders I know just “make things happen”. They tend to be the busiest people who time and time again do what needs to be done. They are focussed, committed and consistent.

Meanwhile the excuse makers tend to have that pattern in their life of not doing what they set out to do. Whatever the excuse they just don’t nail it. Often it is someone elses fault or because they ran out of time. They are the victim. In my mind it was either not important, they are not committed or they don’t know how to do it so never start.

Give me someone with a penchant for action over talking about it any day. Give me someone who gives it a go, starts the journey, takes the first step, makes some mistakes, asks for help anyday. They are the ones who will learn, accept responsibility and they will make it happen.

If it is important you will find away or you will find an excuse.

What are your thoughts?

One Reply to “The Art Of Making Excuses”

  1. The statements as captured above resonates exactly with what I have to endure on a daily basis in the job that I do.
    I rely on people’s submissions to work or to submit my work to the District Director office.
    In most cases, there is a pattern of some schools to submit very late and need a lot of prodding before they submit.
    I shared this with them and there seems to be an improvement.

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