How do we build a great culture? This is a very common theme at present as I work with high performance CEO’s. One of my clients is ranked in the “Top 10 Workplaces in New Zealand” to work in terms of its culture whilst others are for the first time consciously working to build the culture that attracts and retains top talent.

This video of John Spences is a very valuable resource and offers some great advice. Please watch it and reflect on what you are doing and how you could apply some of the best practice he talks about.

Leaders enable culture, your people are the culture. How do you enable a culture that people love to be a part of? Here in post earthquake Christchurch it is hard to attract talented staff. Culture is top of mind for leaders here right now. Competitors can steal ideas & products but they can’t steal your culture nor replicate it easily.

Hows yours?

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