The Art of Being Too Busy


Miss the big stuff!
Miss the big stuff!

This blog  “The Helpful Guide to Becoming Unbusy” is well worth a read. Last year I wrote an article for blog (link here) outlining why Business Leaders need time out in order to be effective leaders.

Sadly the term “busy” has indeed become an almost acceptable excuse for not doing important things in your life. Reality is it is just an excuse. When I am working with a CEO and hear they are too busy to coach a manager, to get out in the field and see what their team is actually doing, to take a holiday or any of the other myriad of excuses it really it makes me explore why. I usually find one or a number of the following apply;

  • Their role is not clear,
  • They don’t undertand the importance of doing key parts of the leaders role,
  • They don’t plan enough (or at all),
  • The don’t prioritise,
  • They don’t set clear goals,
  • They don’t delegate effectively,
  • They don’t trust their team enough to delegate,
  • They don’t have a clear personal leadership framework that allows them to lead,
  • They don’t understand that burning out (from taking no time off) is not responsible, or
  • They don’t balance work, family and personal needs.

The reality is a leader has to balance a lot of things and make time for the important things that sustain them and their businesses. Its not a rehearsal, stop with being “busy” and get on with the important stuff. That includes time off to recharge and time out with family and friends.


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