“The task of a …

“The task of a leader is to take their people from where they are, to where they have never been.”

Henry Kissenger

It can be a tough place leading a team or organisation especially during change. Change is a constant and really it is only the pace and amount of change that varies in business today, reality is it is always there.

How do you lead in constant change? How do you bring your people with you on the journey to a place the organisation has never been? Culture plays a big part in this and a culture whereby there is high trust allows tough discussions to be held, ideas and views to be challenged and for teams to buy in to what needs to be done.

The big question always asked is “How do I build a High Performance Team Culture?”

Here are some articles about culture which you can link to here;

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast (Link here)

High Performance Team Cultures: What I learnt From Todd Blackadder (Link Here)

High Perfromance Team Leadership: The Foundations (Link Here)

Culture: How To Build a High Performance Culture: A Video From John Spence (Link Here)

The 7 Big Leadership Lessons of 2013 (Link Here)

Leadership Lessons From Dr John Penno: CEO of Synlait Milk (Link Here)

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