Some Great Advice & Encouragement From John Spence: The Results group Annual Conference 2014

In both 2012 and 2013 we were lucky enough to have thought leader John Spence (and his lovely wife Sheila) come down to New Zealand and work with many of our clients. Both years we had events with over 400 attendees in Auckland. Afterwards John facilitated our Annual Conference and Strategy with our team. He influenced our training and imparted his experience gained whilst working with many CEO’s, Universities and Companies throughout North America and globally over many years.

John has become a personal friend and mentor and is regularly in contact. Generous with his time and resources he has become an advocate of The Results Group believing in our services and the value we add to clients. This year I asked him to put together a video for our Annual Conference last week which would reconnect us as a team to our Purpose (“To make a difference”) and to impart the trends he is seeing globally. He was kind enough to do that and it shaped our thinking and reconfirmed much of what our own industry analysis is telling us. It is worth watching if you are leading at the CEO level, involved in Business Strategy or are involved in the professional services space supporting High Performance Companies.

John is currently;

  • Listed as one of the top 100 Business thought leaders in America.
  • Listed as one of the top 100 Business thought leaders in trustworthy business behaviour in the world, and
  • One of the top 500 leadership development experts in the world.

On top of that he is a good guy who is fun to hang out with and who has many interests and aspirations.

Enjoy the video.


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