Leading Leaders


I love this quote from Tom Peters.

Personally I think it is the ultimate challenge to develop good, robust ethical leaders who live the values of the organisation and who have the confidence to make good clear decisions and to communicate powerfully. Much of this comes down to creating an environment that encourages people to try new things, to fail fast and to constantly reflect and learn.

Leading in todays business environment requires many and diverse skills. In the main these skills are the interpersonal skills i.e. relating to people, communicating, empathy, judgement, coaching, mentoring and setting clear expectations. If you can achieve this then you can truely hold people accountable and be tough on them.

It staggers me that the most important Leadership skills are the ones most left to chance, the least discussed and the least trained for in business today. The military does not leave this to chance….why is this? What does the Army know that Corporate leaders don’t?

Makes you think.

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