The 5 Levels of Leadership: The Results Group Executive Leader Program

The 5 Levels of Leadership
The 5 levels of leadership. There are others but these are the common levels faced in Business today and each requires conscious application of differing skills.

In 2014 The Results Group launched the Executive Leader Program and currently we coach a range of High Performance CEO’s as they seek to consciously develop and grow their ability to influence those they lead. Leadership means many things to different people but in the context of the ever changing Business environment we face in it relates to;

  • Constantly Learning the Skills needed to Lead in Complexity: Leadership requires learned skills and conscious application and this is rarely taught. Some people may by luck have great mentors or attend courses but my experience shows the skills required across the different levels of leadership are rarely identified nor approached differently.
  • Making our Business Better: By consciously developing high performance teams and a culture in which people thrive, collaborate and execute the important things. Attracting and retaining top people will in turn mean the client experience of your products and services will generate massive brand loyalty.
  • Leading Change With Certainty: It is the role of any leader to be able to navigate uncertainty and provide a clear direction even when that direction may not be immediately obvious.
  • Influencing The Activity of Others: This requires a leader to influence up, down, internally & externally. It is about getting things done (execution) through the enthusiastic cooperation of your people.
  • Setting and Adjusting the Pace: A sense of urgency is important and this changes based upon the tempo of change and influences such as client needs, the market environment, competitor moves, economic influences & the needs of the Business (Shareholders).

High Performance Leadership requires a culture of constant learning, reflection, self evaluation and adaptability to change. Those who consciously accept the challenge become proactive planners, mentors, change champions and transformational leaders. Those who don’t experience the world overtaking them miss the big opportunity and become very reactive in their role.

Over the coming months I hope to open the conversation around leadership at each of these levels. I certainly do not proclaim to be an expert in this area and indeed it would be a brave person to do so. My experience over 35 years of leading people & studying the subject is that I know enough to confidently say it is indeed a lifelong journey. One in which you learn from every leader (good & bad) you come across and excellence is an aspiration to constantly strive for. Excellence in any field requires years of committed & conscious practice, training & coaching.

Certainly it is an exciting and challenging journey to be on. Leading in the constantly changing Business environment is hard work and requires bravery, energy and passion. It is about making “things happen” rather than talking about it.

A question for you: How do you train to be a better leader? What have you learnt in the last 3 months/6 months/1 year?

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