Don’t Issue Orders, Give Intent

A fantastic video from David Marquet challenging us to move from a Leader-Follower to a Leader-Leader style of Leadership. This is what we learnt as Army Officers and this video along with David’s book called “Turn The Ship Around” is a great insight into how it can be applied in Business Culture today. It increases the pace of Execution and it unblocks thinking by creating an environment of constant learning.

As Tom Peters says “Leaders don’t create followers, Leaders create more Leaders” and with the pace of change we face in the immediate future and the changing workforce a collaborative style is needed. Gone are the days of Leaders being the smartest on the team having to know all the answers. How do you lead in constant change? In situations you or your team have not faced before? When change is so fast that systems and processes simply don’t keep up? Issue Intent, shape thinking, engage & empower others and try new things.

Sounds simple but its not. Leading other clever people is one of the ultimate challenges we face. How much time are you spending intentionally learning how to be better professional leader?

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