2 Minutes on Strategic Execution

Recently I took part in a leadership panel with three other CEO’s. This is a short clip taken from the wider panel video (the link is attached).

The Leadership panel was held recently in Christchurch for a large group of CEO’s, their leadership teams and business leaders. The other CEO panel members were Shaun Maloney of ARANZ Geo, Lincoln Booth of Cookietime, Keith Jessop of EMDA.

You can link to the longer panel video here.

“What do emplye…

“What do emplyees expect from their leaders? Honesty, Forward thinking, Competence and Inspiration”

Attached is a great video blog from John Spence (link here) which is well worth a watch. Based on research outlined in the book The Leadership Challenge” he refers to a 30 year study of well over 1 million employees. Honesty is the key expectation iei ongoing transparency and up front trustworthyness of any leader. Forward thinking is about defining the future. people cannot be inspired by the past or present…….only the future so leadership is always about “where are we going”. Defining the future is a key expectation.

Competency relates to two aspects. Firstly your team expects you to be competent as a leader and secondly within your are of expertise/core business. Inspration is about being able to tke people with you, to paint and sell the dream and to inspire action and to get people to do what needs to be done because they want to do it.

Leadership is a journey not an event and you can never stop learning from others experience. It is one of lifes ultimate challenges.