Leading Leaders

I have been a professional leader for last 30 years as a career Army Officer, Chief Executive, Company Director, Board Chairman and through a variety of organisations that I work with.

I work with carefully selected leaders who are actively committed to getting incrementally better at what they do.My daily work involves coaching prominent leaders in high performance organisations to intentionally get better at their craft: “The art of influence and leadership”.

My style is practical based on real life experience and tools that can be applied and adapted to the right situation at the right time. I don’t profess to know all the answers and I am a committed life long learner. I work collaboratively with my clients to support the outcomes they seek. I do have a wide network of mentors, colleagues, leaders and business experts who can support me to support those I work with.

The reality is we face more change in business in the next 5-10 years than the world has ever seen. Disruption from many sources. Some say we are 2 years into a 35 year period of significant disruption. To thrive in this environment leaders must be agile and adaptable enough to lead in constant change and increasing complexity. This requires clarity of purpose and confidence.

Some of my current work;

  • Chief Executive of Advisory.Works: A high performance premium Advisory Company operating across New Zealand, Australia and the USA. Advisory.Works is the “Strategic Execution Partner” in client businesses supporting leaders to succeed in the future. (www.advisory.works)
  • High Performance Leadership Coach: I established the Executive Leadership Programme for Advisory.Works and I lead a team of clever and experienced consultants to coach prominent CEO’s and emerging senior executives. I personally work with selected leaders and develop customised programmes to support the development of leaders within their teams. I also facilitate Strategies and support leaders to execute them as they seek to position their businesses for future success and succession.
  • Board Chairman: Line Engine Management Ltd. Link is a Christchurch based tech company exporting globally. Link designs and distributes clever products that improve engine performance in the High Performance Motor Sport industry. In 2017 it is a finalist in the NZ High Tech Awards. (www.linkecu.com)
  • University of Canterbury MBA Advisory Board Member: I am part of the Advisory Board that supports the director of Executive Leadership Programmes at UC. I also regularly present several leadership workshops as part of the MBA and Masters of Management courses at UC.
  • Infantry Battalion Commander: I currently serve as the Commanding Officer of 2/4 Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. This reserve unit is one of the oldest in the NZ Army with a proud history of service. The unit is based across the South Island of New Zealand and consists of some 400 Officers and soldiers. It supports the community and current Army operations overseas. (2/4 RNZIR Facebook page)
3D Third - PD1010
Our strategic framework.

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