Average Doesn’t Work in any Area of LIfe!


I Love this quote from Grant Cardone. So many business leaders don’t inspire their Company and tribe (staff and end users of the product or service).  If you aren’t creating a culture and work environment that people really enjoy then you are missing a great opportunity. John Spence recently outlined in a presentation to The Results Group team that attracting and retaining top talent is the real challenge that CEO’s face. That in todays fast paced change, technology growth and globalisation one of the biggest strategic advantages can come from a  company culture that engages and challenges and creates great services, one that clients love and that staff love providing. No one can steal your team culture because it is unique.

A colleague of mine,  Bruce Cotterill spoke recently at an ASB Business Banking event and outlined why every year we have to be “20% better than last year just to stay still.” He meant as a company, as a leader, our products & services, team members personally, we all have to be 20% better each year. That way we stay ahead of the competition who is getting better each year. We stay ahead of the new competitive products that erode market share and we leverage technology instead of being drowned by its constant evolution.

Anthony Leighs (CEO and Founder of Leighs Construction) spoke to our Christchurch CEO Leadership Group about the importance of having a culture that delivers with Pride and Passion but is committed also to being excellent. Getting better and better is important the people he leads and they love being part of it.

So average is one thing every Company and Organisation (and CEO leading it) must be aware of. If an organisation is blind as to what clients really think, is not investing in future leaders and developing people and getting better then the end is probably not far out of sight.

Never do average. Be restless, challenge your team to be restless. What your story?

Bruce Cotterill on Leadership

Bruce Cotterill on Leadership

Last week I had experienced CEO & Change Consultant Bruce Cotterill speak to many of our Christchurch based clients. Speaking mainly about his experiences in leading and growing large Companies he outlined his leadership framework. Telling a number of stories about his life as a CEO, Change consultant and Board Chairman to highlight his thinking. Feedback was great from those attending. Everyone took away some key things to apply to their own business situation. The conversations that followed over a couple of beers was very valuable. Personally I think you learn something from everyone you work with and Bruce is certainly someone I value and enjoy working with and learning from. Leadership is a journey not an event and high performance leaders should always be seeking ways to get better at their craft. Leading people in a fast moving, competitive business environment is the most challenging and rewarding space you can work in.

“When a man die…

“When a man dies a library burns”

Read that quote recently again and it is so true. A little like losing a key long term employee, many years of collective knowledge and learning goes with them. Leaders at the top of their game never stop learning. They commit to the pursuit of excellence and continually look for new ideas, incremental improvements and different ways of lifting the bar.

This week we have a CEO leadership event here in Christchurch with Bruce Cotterill speaking about how he has built culture, achieved success and turned several companies around including Yellow. I am looking forward to many of our clients attending and the discussions that follow of from such an event.