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Live what we teach is one of our Core Values and over the last two months we have been getting really clear about what our ideal clients value, what we do well, what we need to improve upon. We have asked them, measured it, defined and launched our “Executive Leadership Program”. This incorporates some of the teachings from the Cornell University Post Graduate program which I have been on this year and other leadership experience and academic study from others across our talented consulting team. This program overarches our 5 Pillars framework which is so highly sought after.

We have defined our target markets, a term that will be familiar to our clients, but which in essence defines those that we design our services and products for. Those that it will add the most value to, growing markets and clients that will happily refer us as a company. We are now in the process of telling our Brand story and adjusting the way we market ourselves using social media and other tools to add value to our networks.

John Spence is absolutely resolute that the biggest challenge in business today is firstly having a simple, clear Strategic plan that all your people understand and align to (the easiest part of the equation) backed up by a relentless focus and plan of how to actually execute it i.e. making it happen. In todays world of constant and fast change this is a real challenge. In this attached video clip John has articulated his reasons for thinking this and exactly why he feels the services offered by The Results Group are such high value.

The insights and research from his work with CEO’s and Companies around North America and the globe echo what we see here in New Zealand, Australia & the USA with our clients. Reducing complexity & focussing on the important (vs the urgent) continues to be the biggest issue CEO’s face. Building a simple Strategic Plan as to how your Company will compete and then actually lead your people to achieve it through focus on delivering value to clients, good measurements (KPI’s) and a conscious plan to build a great culture.

That is what we love to do well and why our purpose is “To make a difference” to the Businesses we work choose to work with.

The Cookietime story: 30 Plus Years of “Smiles”

Last night the The GM of Canterbury based Company Cookietime Ltd spoke to over 40 of our clients at a networking function. He told the fantastic and entrepreneurial story of over 30 years of history. (Link here so see some of the images: Cookietime Presentation). You can hit their website to find out more about their culture, Vision and philosophy of being part of the community. (Link here to their website

CTLLincoln Booth has been leading the company for eight years and it has been a fun, challenging and successful period as the privately held Company has grown and evolved. In 2013 Cookietime was voted as one of the top three of New Zealands most trusted brands. In itself a major achievement.

I have been lucky enough to work with Cookietime over the past three years as they plan, execute and achieve fantastic results. The culture is one of fun (work hard and play hard), opportunity is found in every situation and they seek to execute relentlessly. A recent retail opportunity in Japan has brought a new era, new challenges and new successes as the brand starts to push well beyond the borders of New Zealand. Their annual, 100 day and team framework really makes them a high performance team and high performance company. Clever people at the top of their game.

The Cookietime story is an awesome one to be a part of and I am looking forward to the next chapter being published.

“When a man die…

“When a man dies a library burns”

Read that quote recently again and it is so true. A little like losing a key long term employee, many years of collective knowledge and learning goes with them. Leaders at the top of their game never stop learning. They commit to the pursuit of excellence and continually look for new ideas, incremental improvements and different ways of lifting the bar.

This week we have a CEO leadership event here in Christchurch with Bruce Cotterill speaking about how he has built culture, achieved success and turned several companies around including Yellow. I am looking forward to many of our clients attending and the discussions that follow of from such an event.

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