"Futch" Couper: Southern Legend of the Month……from the "North"!

Futch Couper with Paul Williams. Photo: Marty Sharpe/Dom Post

New Zealand needs more blokes (and blokettes) who are prepared to put it on the line. Yesterday I heard a story of someone thinking fast and acting on their experience. “Futch” Couper is someone I know and admire, he is the father of a close friend and a bit of a legend in the Wairoa parts.
Futch lives in a fantastic house he built on the beach just out of Wairoa on the sunny East Coast of New Zealand. Known for his hunting prowess, ability to trade with those around him and an uncanny knack of virtually living off what he catches at sea, grows in his garden or shoots in the bush, Futch is fit and active and tough. He is one of those wiry old buggers who whilst unassuming and low key is just as likely to give you the shirt off his back or knock your block off depending upon how you cross his path. He grew up on the land, was a southern freezing worker, a builder and business owner. Overall he is the type of bloke you want on your side whatever you are doing and always has a yearn for every occasion.
This story in the Dominion Post (link here) about Futch saving a fisherman swept off his boat is absolute gold. Local man, Paul Williams was fishing when he fell overboard and spent considerable time in the water. As a non swimmer, Paul was smart enough to remember some good advice about conserving energy and floating on his back. Futch, seeing a commotion on the beach, used his telescope to spot the man in the water and then at a moments notice deployed in his dinghy and dragged him to safety just in time. 
Futch at home. Quenching his thirst when we last met.

To cap off a heroic effort, it transpires that Paul Williams had given Futch a fish recently in an act of generosity that Wairoa is known for. Now Futch is the type of bloke who would have put to sea to save anyone so it would be just a bonus that he was able to repay a kind act with one of his own. 
Legendary stuff! Good work Futch. Good on you for doing your bit and not thinking twice about helping someone in need. No doubt this event will be relived a thousand times over the coming months as they blow the froth off a few beers in the Wairoa sun.
Of course Futch is also the type of bloke who, having pulled you out of the drink and got you safely ashore, will also give you a clout around the ears for being a clown…….but that is a story for another day!

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