The Blast ANZAC Collection: 2011. A Few Memories

It is ANZAC weekend really. This year ANZAC day falls on the Easter holiday weekend so they roll into one. As I sit here in Christchurch and wonder where the services are I should be attending (most venues have been damaged after the earthquake) I have scrolled through many pics and uploaded a real cross section of some life in the Army. I wish I carried my camera more during my service. Enjoy the memories and remember to celebrate those who did their bit and never made it home. We will remember them.

The way it was. Hong Kong (British) border post looking towards China. 1992

Bush bashing with the Air Force. One of hundreds of helicopter flights with all our kit.

Sydney, Australia. 5/7 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment,  (Mechanised Infantry)  on the move.

B Company, 2nd/1st Battalion, Infantry skill at arms team after kicking 2 Ghurka Regiments butt for the Smith Trophy. Hong Kong 1992

Spoiling for trouble. 2nd/1st Battalion, RNZIR on the move and looking for a fight.

A mate.  Captain Johnny McNutt seated in an Apache gunship just prior to being killed in 2001 serving overseas with the NZSAS. R.I.P.. Read more about Johnny here (link)

Infantry on the move. Dawn raid May 2003

Local legends. Roll of Honour for the Hunter district, South Canterbury. My Great Uncle Alan McConnell one of the lucky ones to make it back. He too was an Infantry Officer in WW2.

Roll of Honour at the Pearl Harbour War memorial to those killed in the Japanese surprise raid on the US Navy Pacific Fleet. Sobering number of men killed. Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.
Skill at Arms section in action. Nothing like being in the mud!

Parachute drop, Crete, Greece

About to get airborne. The Wessex choppers of the Royal Air Force about to lift us off.
Mates heading on leave in Auckland. Troy Fisher (R.I.P) on the right.
A hot brew in the field and a good yarn after a hard day. Pure gold for the Infantry.
A moody Southern sky with light at the end of the tunnel!
The beautiful Southern Alps of the South Island, New Zealand. A  beacon of home.
Infantry 81mm mortars. Outgoing live.
A Nazi paratrooper I met in Crete at the German memorial service. He was bitter and angry and disliked the English (which he thought I was)  despite me being pleasant and respectful. He was so rude that I took his picture. Tosser!

Bosnia contingent pic (plus attachments) taken at the New Zealand Memorial marking the battle of Chunuk Bair,  Galipolli, Turkey.

Beach assault landing Hong Kong/China border. B Company comes ashore.

Parachute training, Whenuapai,  Auckland, 1988

Infantry fighting patrol. Palm Olive plantation, Malaysia, 1990.

Parachute rolls…….practising the technique. Tower training.
Digging up a mass grave, Angola, South West Africa, 1996. Not pleasant!

Resupply. Borneo Jungle, Brunei. 1994

Flying over Borneo Jungle, Brunei by helicopter.

Ground training.

130km forced march. 30 plus hours with full battle kit.
ANZAC Dawn Service 2010. Sunrise over the Cathedral……before the earthquake took out the Cathedral in Feb 11.

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  1. Was wondering if you would consider letting me visit and talk about johnny with you when I come home in febuary.K.SardelichhMcNutt

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