The Beautiful South: Snap Shots of Home.

The Southern Alps: Looking across Christchurch City towards the West.

Lambing time on the farm. The joys of mother ups!

Cropping in South Canterbury. Awesome colours.

Mustering the Hunter Hills. Looking across the farm.

Mist rolling into Sumner. Pre containers and devastation.

The yellow of Souther Canterbury crops

Looking West into the Hunter Hiils. Dusk in Spring time.

Oaks in Hagley park.

The Grand Chancellor Hotel before demolition started.

Black bird on the roof.

A visit to Waiheke Island.

Looking back at Auckland city on the way to Waiheke.

Kaikoura. A snap of the Kaikoura range.

Music in Hagley park. Spring 11

Walking, walking, walking.

The snow of Aug 11 and one of the delightful post earthquake portaloos.

Blackbird in the snow

Dusk. Sumner beach.

Mustering the Hunter Hills. Sheep needing a dog!

Up high on the Hunters. Enjoying the view.

Stormy day. Kaikoura.

Gulls flying low.

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