The ANZAC Legend Didn’t Mention Mud and Blood and Tears…..

One the 25th the country will remember officially those who have served, currently serve and those who sacrificed their lives for our country. For those of us who share a close link with the military it occupies a special place in our lives. It is a time to get together, share with family and to remember the friendships, the fun times and the not so fun times.

R.I.P Leonard Manning. He is one of a number who in recent years have died in combat.

I was 17 when i joined the Army and despite knowing the stories and legends of those who had served no one mentioned the mud, blood, sweat and tears involved in serving. The time away from home and family, the times when it crossed your mind that getting home in one piece might be a bit of a challenge.

R.I.P. those men of my home community who gave their lives all those years ago. Lest we forget.

This week I will be remembering those who didn’t make it, those who have been badly injured, those who have suffered mentally from their service. Most importantly I spare a thought for those members of our Armed Forces who are in harms way right now doing their bit at the sharp end of our countries foreign policy…….and punching above their weight. I will take time to remember those New Zealanders who have died on active duty over this past 12 months and for their families.

Lest we forget.

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