Roaming the Hills of Canterbury: Some Adventure pics.

Soldiers wait their turn on the firing range, Feb 13

Sumner beach. Feb 13

Feb 13. Sumner prepares to greet the “Coast to Coasters”.

South Canterbury high country. Feb 13

Alpine views. South Canterbury high country Feb 13

Hello Mr stag. I can see you! South Canterbury. Up high Feb 13.

Great water feature. Feb 13, Stravon, South Canterbury

Taking time to reflect. Feb 13.

Looking for deer. South Canterbury Feb 13.

Mt Somers way. Mid Canterbury Jan 13.

A bright summers night sky. Mt Somers, Jan 13.

Giving it full noise on shingle roads. Southern gold. 

Sunset in the Southern Alps. Jan 13

Southern gold!

The “Man cave” of a Southern Man. Jan 13

A night under the stars. Canterbury Jan 13.

Angus Pure on the hoof. Hunter Hills, Jan 13.

Alpine views, South Canterbury high country. Feb 13

A morning view to wake up to. Feb 13, Hunter Hills.

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