Life in the South: Recent Images in the Life of a Southern Man June 13

Ocean Ridge Kaikoura. A great spot.

Kaikoura local. Chilling out.

Kaikoura. The coast north.

Mt Diamond. Hunter Hills South Canterbury. Home.

Redcliffs Chrischurch. Sunrise in June 13

Port Hills looking down into Lyttleton. May 13

Yomping it with the Army. Otago May 13

Sunrise over South Shore Christchurch, May 13

These boots were made for walking. Army May 13.

Roast lamb. Gold!

A Southern Man giving an ANZAC address. 25 April 3013.

Te Papa, Wellington. April 13

Hunter Hills. Garden at home. April 13

On the move. May 13.

Back yard. Hunter. May 13

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