Any decision Is Better Than No Decision

Any decision Is Better Than No Decision

This blog (Make a Decision Already) from HBR provokes thought. Personally I feel that any decision is better than no decision and that even if it is wrong or needs iteration (adjustment or amendment) then the team is on its journey to success. The secret is to have a culture that engages the team and allows plans to adjust quickly if they are not working or can be built upon. There is also a balance between making a clear decision and knowing when one needs to be made. “Don’t make a decision until you have to” does have merit especially in times of constant change or when there is a lot of things to consider. Understanding when the decision needs to be made is then key to success i.e. the “decision point”.

Certainly not making good clear decisions for your team team and allowing uncertainty and people to fill the void with assumptions leads to mediocrity disengagement. I wrote about this some time ago in this blog “Leadership Lessons from the army: How to Fight to win“. 

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